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Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me

by Donna & Andy

Released 2005
Red Castle Publishing
Released 2005
Red Castle Publishing
Donna Rhodenizer composes 12 original songs for the young and young at heart. Also on this cd are instrumental accompaniments for all 12 tracks for singing along or to use in concert performances.
2007 JUNO nomination for "Children's Album of the Year"

2006 Music Nova Scotia Award Winner for "Children's Recording of the Year".

Donna Rhodenizer and Andy Duinker have been performing professionally together since 1996. Andy's extensive vocal range and guitar, Donna's keyboard and vocals, and the addition of violin allow for a versatile and varied presentation. As the Duo Donna & Andy, they have performed for over 250,000 audience members throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario and have also presented teacher workshops at provincial and international music educators conferences.

The songs on the "Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me" CD are in a variety of musical styles and instrumental arrangements, creating an exciting listening experience. Donna & Andy are joined by children from Donna's households, plus nieces and nephews, collectively known as "The Relative Minors" who sing on several of the tracks. Donna & Andy are also joined by some fine studio musicians who provide live instrumentals for the songs. The 12 songs on this CD are presented in two versions: full performance tracks, as well as sing-along tracks for those individuals who want to sing with a professional back-up band. These instrumental tracks are often used for song presentations in school concerts and assemblies. The "Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me" CD is also supported by a songbook which is available by contacting Andy or Donna at Red Castle Publishing.

The "Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me" CD can also be purchased as part of the "Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me" songbook and CD set. The Dinosaur, Dragons and Me Teachers resourece is filled with cross curricular activities for each song. You can go to Donna & Andy's web site by clicking on the link to the left to find more information on these resources and other printed music by Donna Rhodenizer, Andy Duinker and Red Castle Publishing.

One of Donna & Andy's other CDs for children entitled "Computer Cat" garnered a 2004 ECMA (East Coast Music Award) for Children's recording of the Year as well as receiving a MIANS (Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia) nomination for Children's artist of the year. Donna Rhodenizer also received a nomination for Educator of the year in 2003 and 2004. In July 2004 Andy Duinker and Donna Rhodenizer released a Maritime/Roots/Traditional recording entitled "Fine Company" which highlights Andy's solo voice. You can also find it here on CDBaby by clicking the Andy Duinker link to the left.

In addition to performing and recording, these two musicians write original songs and also co-founded Red Castle Publishing to print and distribute their music to schools and choirs across North America. They have published over 60 original songs in a series of four songbooks and 15 individual titles for choirs. The local Chamber of Commerce presented Donna, Andy and Red Castle Publishing with the 2004 Outstanding Small Business of the Year Award.

Andy Duinker and Donna Rhodenizer are versatile musicians who are developing a multifaceted career through their performing, recording, publishing, and composing. Search the internet for Donna & Andy, Andy Duinker, Donna Rhodenizer or visit

Our CDs are also available with a Songbook or Teacher's Resourse for the regular classroom. Please contact us for details.


"Ed the Invisible Dragon"
is the tale of an imaginary creature who is the cause of mishaps and messes in the household that cannot seem to be explained. With saucy sax riffs and the addition of B3 Hammond organ, this tune is the right combination of secret service stealth and mischief.

"The Most Important Person"
showcases Andy’s vocal talents. Andy provides a different voice for five distinct characters, each who believes he is the most important person on the ship. It is a bit of a verbal battle, but the Captain wins out in the end!

"I Need a Home for my Dinosaur"
explores the dilemma of having a pet that eats more than he should and must be given away. The addition of tuba and banjo create a good-natured accompaniment that complements and supports the lyrics of this delightful children’s song. I Need a Home for my Dinosaur is one of Donna’s earliest songs for children, and it has become a favourite of many fans, young and old.

"Gramma’s Pajamas"
follows Gramma’s problems with her lacy pink pajamas. With too much giggling and not enough sleep, Gramma is tired and ready to try almost anything (except giving up her “jammies”) to get some rest. The fiddling of Gordon Stobbe and the solid bluegrass guitar and banjo stylings of Greg Simm bring this tune to life and will ensure a special spot in the “favourites list” for this tune.

"The Best One for the Job"
focuses on all the things a person enjoys as a unique individual. The lyrics promote self-esteem and the message to “be happy with yourself”. Authentic accordion accompaniment adds a great flavour to this tune.

"Cool Bob"
is a blues tune with attitude. Over the standard I-IV-V-I blues changes, Andy narrates the story of a man and his cat, both known as “Cool Bob” who have learned how to make a living on the street as jazz musicians. If you can snap your fingers, get them ready, you will want to use them on this song.

The "Can’t Wait ‘til I’m Older" Blues
takes a second look at some of the pitfalls that might occur in the future once we procure those things we all think we want – a car, a great job and a place of our own. The sax takes its turn at wailing the blues during the instrumental third verse.

"No More School for Me!"
is a celebration of those unexpected holidays when snow limits one’s ability to leave the house and when staying in bed is the only logical option. Written in a style that could be described as “Leroy Anderson meets mall music” this song is catchy and as delightful as a winter sleigh ride.

"Bedtime Tango"
is written from the perspective of a child who has been sent to bed, but who can think of too many fun things to do instead of going to sleep. Juxtaposing a lullaby with a tango, this song will either help you sleep or send you searching for a rose to clamp in your teeth as you tango behind closed doors.

"Sleep Gently Tiny Child"
features the voices of children from Donna’s extended family (The Relative Minors) accompanied by harp (played by Jennifer Wyatt) and four-part vocal harmony by Donna & Andy. The combination creates a lovely lullaby, and a quiet gem tucked in amongst the more lively songs in this collection.

"Just Passing By"
was written for a group of Donna’s students who were graduating. The words are thoughtful, inspiring and
contain a great message for anyone facing change in his or her life. Andy’s mellow baritone lead voice is supported by Donna and the “Relative Minors” creating a pop hit.

"Raise Up Your Voices"
celebrates the joy of sharing music with others. With driving percussion, funky bass and even a wa wa guitar, this rhythmic celebration of singing is a great finale song for this collection.

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