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Computer Cat

by Donna & Andy

Released 2003
Red Castle Publishing
Released 2003
Red Castle Publishing
Donna Rhodenizer, composer and music teacher, creates this splendid recording of 13 songs. Also on this cd are instrumental accompaniments for all 13 tracks for singing along or to use in concert performances.
Donna & Andy

Juno nominees Donna Rhodenizer and Andy Duinker have been performing professionally together since 1996. Andy's extensive vocal range and guitar, Donna's keyboard and vocals, and the addition of violin allow for a versatile and varied presentation. As the Duo Donna & Andy, they have performed for over 250,000 elementary students throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Ontario, and have also presented teacher workshops at provincial and international music conferences.

The songs on the "Computer Cat" CD are in a variety of musical styles and instrumental arrangements, creating an exciting listening experience. Donna & Andy are joined by children from their two households, plus nieces and nephews, collectively known as "The Relative Minors" who sing on several of the tracks. Donna & Andy are also joined by some fine studio musicians who provide live instrumentals for the songs. The 13 songs on this CD are presented in two versions: full performance tracks, as well as sing-along tracks for those individuals who want to sing with a professional back-up band. These instrumental tracks are often used for song presentations in school concerts and assemblies.

The "Computer Cat" CD can also be purchased as part of the "Computer Cat songbook" or the "Computer Cat Teacher's Resource" (songs with cross-curricular activities) for elementary classrooms. You can go to Donna & Andy's web site by clicking on the link to the left to find more information on these resources and other printed music by Donna Rhodenizer, Andy Duinker and Red Castle Publishing.

"Computer Cat" garnered a 2004 ECMA (East Coast Music Award) for Children's Recording of the Year as well as receiving a MIANS (Music Industry Association of Nova Scotia) nomination for Children's artist of the year. Donna Rhodenizer also received a nomination for Educator of the year in 2003 and 2004. In July 2004 Donna & Andy released a Maritime/Roots/Traditional recording entitled Fine Company which highlights Andy's solo voice. You can also find it here on CDBABY by clicking the Andy Duinker link to the left. In September 2005 Donna & Andy released the next of a series of Children's CDs entitled "Dinosaurs, Dragons and Me". You can also find this CD on CDBABY and Tower Records.

In addition to performing and recording, these two musicians write original songs and also co-founded Red Castle Publishing to print and distribute their music to schools and choirs across North America. They have published over 60 original songs in a series of four music books and 15 individual titles for choirs. Their local Chamber of Commerce presented Donna, Andy and Red Castle Publishing with the 2004 Outstanding Small Business of the Year Award.

Andy Duinker and Donna Rhodenizer are versatile musicians who are developing a multifaceted career through their performing, recording, publishing, and composing. Search the net for Donna & Andy, Andy Duinker, Donna Rhodenizer or visit


This CD is also available with a Songbook or Teacher's Resource. Please contact us for details. 902 538 7015


"Computer Cat"
is the tale of a cat who has the extremely poor judgment to eat the computer mouse. Imagine a household that can only use the computer if they also use the cat! With a gentle jazz feel and some authentic cat sound effects this tune is a creative mix of good music and clever lyrics.

"Penguin Parade"
is the first of a series of four penguin songs. Against a backdrop of a pleasant march, hear about the penguins parading to their favourite swimming hole and then happily waddling back home.

"Pondering Penguins"
is a cheery collection of penguin facts. The addition of banjo and vocal bass create a good-natured accompaniment that complements and supports the lyrics of this catchy children’s song. With a touch of country flavour, audiences attending live “Donna & Andy shows” have been known to join in a penguin line dance during this song.

"The Penguin Ball"
features Andy’s mellow vocals. Gentle harp and glockenspiel are joined by cello and French horn as the backdrop for the penguins who gather for a delightful and romantic moonlit waltz on the beach.

"I Wonder"
is Donna’s chance to muse at the “clothing choices” of a penguin. Pizzicato strings are accompanied by Andy’s vocal bass, drumsticks and a sheet of aspenite. It is inevitable that our penguin “fashion plate” is left with some rather predictable colour choices for his attire.

"My Hamster"
is a song that will tug at your heartstrings. Arpeggiated guitar and cello add instrumental support to the simple and plaintive story of a pet owner who has lost his beloved hamster. Although the song does not provide details of the story’s conclusion, the real-life inspiration for this song did show up two days after the song was written.

chronicles the packing woes of the seasoned traveler. Donna & Andy are joined by “The Relative Minors” (children from their respective households) to help sing the “exponential” list of essentials required when one goes on vacation. And of course we all know the most important thing is – “don’t forget your underwear”! Or is it? Checking the plane ticket might also be a good idea.

"Vacation Song"
is written in a style that will conjure up visions of palm trees and great vacation destinations. Each member of the family chooses a different vacation location identified by distinct instrumental riffs. By song’s end, each one is invited to return home to play some great vacation music together.

"Forty Little Birdies"
may answer the question of “what do those birds do all day when they are sitting on the telephone wire?” The catchy boogie woogie style of this song will start your toes tapping and the improvisational peeping in the chorus will give you lots of opportunity to participate and sing along.

"Splashing in the Puddles"
is a pleasant “soft shoe” that gives Andy a chance to sing “call and answer” with Donna and the Relative Minors. A song to encourage positive thinking and an attitude that embraces rainy days as opportunities to “go out and play” rather than something to be grumpy about.

"I’m Wishing"
is a reflective ballad examining things that one might wish for. The young solo voice that begins the song is joined by “Aunt Donna” and together the two singers make thoughtful wishes for things to make the world a better place. Accompanied by guitar, cello and flute, this song sparkles just as brightly as the star upon which the singers are wishing.

"We are the Children of the World"
celebrates the things that make us unique and also those things that mean we are all “children of the world”. Written in pop style, the song builds from the adult voices in the opening chorus, through the addition of children’s voices, more intense instrumentals and multiple parts until the final rousing chorus.

"It’s Christmas Time"
will remind the listener of the good feelings often felt as one celebrates Christmas. The ¾ meter, the lyrics, the instrumental support of French horn, moving guitar with string orchestra, and full vocals all combine to create a magical piece of music worth listening to at any time of year.

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