Great Big Band


The Great Big Band features 17 of the finest jazz instrumentalists in the Maritimes. Add 3 vocalists and you have a very fine dance band playing tunes from the 20's to the 90's for dancers 20-90.


Click on the links to find out more about our great players:


Chris Mitchell - alto sax
Ally Fiola   - alto sax
Ken MacKay - tenor sax
Martin Davidson - tenor sax
Dawn Hatfield - baritone sax

Rick Waychesko - trumpet
Raef Wilson - trumpet
Wayne Baker - trumpet
Richard Bennett - trumpet

Eric Landry - trombone
Danny Martin - trombone
Martha Kelly - trombone
Dan Corbett - bass trombone

Graham Howes - piano
Jamie Gatti  - bass

Brad Conrad - guitar
Dave James    - drums

Andy Duinker - vocals
Hazel Walker  - vocals












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